Pretty Sloppy 02 {dd}

Pretty Sloppy 02 {dd}

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Special 2-Disc Set. Has Jay Sin gone insane? Just how many uses can the Generalissimo of Gape come up with for a randy sluts anus, anyway? For PRETTY SLOPPY 2, Jays most infamous collaborators, Bobbi Starr, Tori Black, Amber Rayne and Adrianna Nicol, are back in their wildest scenarios yet, ranging from an afternoon at a loogie-happy womens prison to a bizarre infantilism-fetish scenario that sees Nicole go through at least two gallons of milk. Also featured are Kristina Rose, Phoenix Marie, and a special appearance by hall of fame dirty whore Ashley Blue. Not to be missed! The disc includes behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, outtakes, interviews, photo galleries, cumshot recap, and trailers.Scene one: Bobbi Starr, Tori Black, and Ariel X redefine the concept of the dirty martini yes you, Jay Sin fans, know whats coming next! Bobbi, dressed up like a cosplay equestrian, throat-fucks Tori with a monster dildo so she can catch all of the latter girls drool and bile in an oversized martini glass. She takes one end down her throat herself, so that she can help fill the glass with gooey mess. For good measure, she pours some of the concoction back over Toris tongue and mouth and lets it run back in the glass. Then Bobbi strips down and offers her ass up for Toris oral ministrations, as Ariel X crawls onto the scene, carrying a half dozen green olives in her mouth that she lets drop into the glass. She then starts lapping away at Toris cunt while Bobbi drools spit down on the situation. Bobbi lines up the other girls asses in front of the glass and starts spanking and spitting before inserting olives up Ariels ass so she can pop them back into the glass as the girls rim her. Bobbi sits on Ariels face and leans in with her shocking-pink dildo, shoving it up the girls colon, then pulling it out so Tori can ATM the toy. Then its Toris turn with her ankles pulled above her shoulders, as Bobbi and Ariel make out, drool constantly, and gape her with a clear buttplug. Tori is put in doggie for some serious reaming, with the other girls holding the dildo in their mouths to drive it in. Finally, its Bobbis turn to gape, as she upends herself so her pals can make out while they rim her generous gape. Then they sodomize her in doggie with a bent dildo that travels constantly from ass to mouth, before popping the olives up her gape and catching them in their mouths as they are farted out.Scene two: Amber Rayne is replaying the mechanical bull riding scene from Urban Cowboy but with a horse-sized dildo attached, and her tits out. Harmony Rose sashays up to stroke the horse-cock, and starts making out with Amber. Clad in matching red-checkered shirts and Daisy Dukes, the two brunettes slap each others tits and have a contest to see who can go down the furthest on the three-foot phallus anchored between them. Amber pulls down Harmonys shorts and greases her ass up for a light spanking before making her turn around so she can oil her tits and pussy, slapping her breasts red before tittie-fucking her with the oversize dildo. An extended bout of extra-sloppy spit leaves the girls faces shiny and smeared, interrupted when Harmony goes into doggie and accepts Ambers spirited attempts to jam the thick, long toy as hard and fast as it can go up Harmonys culo. Harmony squats on the top with one finger up her own ass, trying to see how far the plastic dong will go up her pussy. Complaining about the fur on Harmonys cunt, Amber pulls down her shorts: Ill show you a cunt. Harmony spits and tongues inside her gape before spitting all over Ambers pussy and fitting the long dildo up it so Amber can bounce up and down cowgirl style with it in each hole. The farts start flying when Amber goes face-down, ass-up for more extensive anal plowing, letting loose in Harmonys face as she indulges in some deep-dish ass-eating. Then its time for Harmonys ass and pussy to get plowed by the horse-cock. Presently Mick Blue arrives, and the girls take turns gagging themselves on a flesh and blood phallus. Harmony goes for a cowgirl ride on his dick as Amber spanks her ass. The two girls then attack Mick together, gobbling his cock and fucking it until they jerk a thick load out over their already smeared faces.Scene three: Infantilism Jay Sin-style is the theme of the scene, as extreme star Adrianna Nicole plays nursemaid to Tara Lynns Foxs hungry brat. The two blondes kiss and make out, and Adrianna squirts warm milk out of a baby bottle over her breasts and down into Taras mouth, then over her sheer panties so the other girl can lap at the wet pussy behind the thin fabric. Adrianna fills her mouth with the cowjuice and spits a stream into Taras gaping maw before turning around and shoving her face between her ass-cheeks. She pours more milk down her ass-crack while the girl licks away. Then she throats her with a multi-colored dildo and slaps her tits, applying plastic clothespins to them. Adrianna stands and throats herself while pigtailed Tara laps away at her shaven pussy. Then she attacks Taras ass with an oversized pink pacifier that travels back and forth between gape and mouth. Adrianna switches her weapon of choice to the candy-colored dildo for deeper penetration. When the tables are turned, Tara attaches a clothespin to the rim of Adriannas gape, then pulls it off and starts servicing the hole with tongue and dildo. Tara lays on her back with a vibe in her mouth and Nicole swings over top of her, fucking her face reverse-cowgirl style before the pair drool goodbye in each others mouths.Scene four: Welcome to Pretty Sloppy Prison, where the incarcerated dykes like to swap spit from the top bunk to the lower, as Phoenix Marie and Diamond Kitty demonstrate. Their foamy loogie exchange goes on for quite awhile, as the sputum proves excellent for shining up Kittys large breasts and lubing up her cunt when Phoenix starts lapping away at it. Latex blonde guard Abbey Brooks is attracted by the commotion, and starts demanding some lip and finger service through the bars from the two detainees. She adds a pint or two of white foamy spit to the party, ordering the girls to shove their cheeks between the bars so she can sticky em up. Brooks opens the cell door and strides in, the better to abuse her power. She rims Phoenix, and then both of them explore Kittys cracked-open ass with their faces. A contraband dildo appears and swiftly finds its way up Abbeys ass. The two prisoners sodomize their guard until she pulls out her own secret weapon a black dildo the size of a nightstick. Kitty chokes on it before shoving it up Phoenixs ass. Then, the red double-headed dong materializes, and the deep penetrations really start!Scene five: Ashley Blues in yellow and Kristina Rose is in pink, playing in the bedroom in front of their own private lemonade stand. The girls swish up mighty wads of spit to drip down into the others gaping mouths, with Kristina finally drenching Ashleys see-through panties, then pulling them aside to lick her hairy muff. Ashley squeezes lemon juice all over Kristinas tiny titties as Kristina squeezes a freshly-cut lemon in her mouth and dribbles the juice all over herself. Before long, Ashleys shoving a lemon up her ass. Thats so pretty... Now we gotta juice it nice and good, Kristina baby-talks, tonguing Ashleys pulsating sphincter as the fruit hides within her colon. Once the girls are finished playing with the lemons, Kirstina helps Ashley deep-throat a grape-colored dildo down to its ballsac. They catch all the spit and spew in a plastic cup, mix it with some lemon juice, and pass it back and forth between their mouths. Theyve calmed down and are back to cutting lemons when Mark Ashley shows up: Is this where the lemonade stand is? They waste no time in sucking his dick together, immediately getting super-messy. Ashley gets bent over and fucked first, with Kristina doing gagging pussy to mouth. Then she gets sodomized as Ashley does ATM, soaking her friends asshole and Ashleys cock with great bubbles of slimy snot. They suck more cock together and make out. Ashley rides side-saddle with Marks cock up her ass as Kristina grinds her tush in his face; then she gets put on her back and Kristina pins her legs behind her shoulders so Ashley can fuck her anus deeply. Mark stacks the two girls and takes turns poking their asses. At last, the girls do their disappearing lemon trick again, and one holds it in her mouth while Mark comes across their faces. The ladies then pass the sperm-covered fruit between their mouths.Scene six: Im still thirsty! exclaims Tara Lynn Foxx, and the infantalistic antics between her and Adrianna Nicole resume. Adrianna spits milk in her mouth, then uses the oversized formula bottle to squirt the white stuff up Taras ass and all over her pussy. Adrianna utilizes everything at hand to penetrate Taras ass, moving from the bottle to an adult-sized pacificer to a pink vibrator. Tara holds her cheeks open and farts repeatedly, spewing fountains of milk out of her colon. Then Adrianna bends over and has Tara commit milk-acide on her own poop-chute, until the girls happily kiss and spew milk on each others faces in ecstasy.

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